Vegetarian = Good Guys??? Wat de heck

Friday, March 11, 2011

well,, i thought of writing this article so long ago, but due to some time consequences i had to postpone it. So, the topic is about ALL vegetarian guys are gude guys.. (wat d heck) so does dat means all those people eating meat are bad guys?? for god sake, hu planted in ur tiny lil brain of dis concept.. i got pissed to the max when i hear that there is a general perception that all vegetarian guys are gude guys. damn,, then those eating mutton f an evil heart is it?? is it wrong for me to eat wat i want or to change people perception on me so that i wud be regarded as a gude guys.. shitt la... i dun live for others and i dont care the heck what people think of me..so u might be asking y m i writing dis post now??? hurmm..nice question... just to add another post on my blog...lol... =p=p

~merpati KL ~

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