Politics - Nudity??

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Is this Malaysia politics?? Showing the pictures of state exco woman to gain political advantage?? I'm really ashamed to hear this news.. Is politician in Malaysia craving so much to get the position of exco so fast?? And sneaking into her house capturing unhealthy photos.. Really pity of the victim of politics.. Real politician does not need this kind of propaganda to mark his name in people's heart.. Instead, he instills hatred feeling in people..


Happy Birthday !!

Happy birthday mum.. A simplest wish from your dear son.. I'm not able to celebrate birthday with you..May the LORD guidance will be always with you... Luv u mum...



one week passed of last blog..im still running out of ideas… freaking tired after going to badminton tournament… wasnt playing in the tournament.. but i took the racket and tested my skills… last played badminton was in 1999..some tournament i guess..was beaten in straight set…after 10 years..managed 2 play well but lack of practice and training.. the day before was involve in atheletics tournament… so damn tired…cant walk also at the moment…haizz… but wat to do.. sometimes u hav 2 face reality of life…



Thursday, February 12, 2009

Funny of thinking
What does life mean actually
Of all the Hurdles and Obstacles
When something changes in your life
The moment that it shapes your thought
Complicated it seems
But what does life offer In this evil world
While heartless people still live on
Sufferings and pains increases each second
The moment life felt unworthy
Triumphs and Fall
Joy and Sorrow
High and Low of life
Not as easy as it seems
Rocking the boat your ownself
What may be seen as a waste Energy and passion is left aside
HEART-BROKEN sets the night dull
Stars aren't gilttering as usual
The seas keep on roaring
are endless
That's what i need at the moment
Hungry of VICTORY of long awaited
The moment everything came in your life
That's the winner of "Life"


Manasellam - Frenz

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Manasellam Unplugged - Tamiltubevid.com

Well this has really touched me.Cant forget my frenz and all those who have came into my life. Frenz are valuable assets in ur life dat u cant miss ever.So, remember ur frenz while they still are and appreciate them for being ur dear friend. Frenz for life...


One of a kind guy

Well i was on journey back to my campus last night. And i met someone interesting beside my seat.Well, he is a Malay guy n he gestured me with a hello. I replied to him and we started a conversation.I can say he is different one of a kind Malay guy that i met.He was frankly speaking and are open-minded too.Way too much it was the best journey so far in my life.We were talking like we've been friends for so many years. For me,it wasn't new as i been friends with so many Malay guys before. He is young still in that age he knows what is going on is wrong and unfair. Good enough for me to say goodbye when i was about to take taxi and get back to my hostel. Wondered that still many good people around and realise injustice that has been happening in this country.