Episode 3: Malaysian Comedies // Football

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ever wondered why the malaysian way of playing football would be different from other? Do u notice how much they differ from the way that european playing, or goal-scoring, or tactically, or when dey get a fault and the mind-set of the player. Here is the thing i noted when i went and saw the game between Perak vs Harimau Muda A.

1) Goal-scoring

I dunno whether the player are too good for the goal keeper or they juz got their damn luck to score. By analysis, not all the goal scored in a professional way. Either if it is from a corner kick, or free kick, or even tricking the goal keeper. The most obvious thing that will look on the player is that they are playing football, but playing forcibly to score a goal. Yesterday, I saw the damn luck goal from free kick which is metres away from the d-box. the goal scored was from a direct kick, which the ball rebounces in front of the goal keeper and he was unable to stop it. i mean the ball got damn tyme to rebounce. What the hell the keeper was thinking of or was he late to judge the ball? hurmmm,,, malaysian football has not gone that far yet.

2) Counter-attack

It is still fresh in my mind when i had all morning stay awake to watch the last 16 of the UEFA champions league where hot favourites met arsenal. And it was so interesting to see that arsenal did the counter attack so well that barcelona defender could not cope up after the break from the midfield. Yesterday i saw a similar situation in that game ( REF: PRK vs HAR MUDA). Perak got a lot oif chances to the counter attack to juz run the ball to the d-box.instead wad the midfield done is to keep the ball with him and trying to cut through a player, then another the he lost the ball just like that. These are opportunities that cant be left when they got it.

3) Fault/Injury

Only in malaysian football i can c people acting so much that when they got the fault the will do like they had a broken leg injury and will do over-action?? is that necessary when playing football..for god's sake please grow up u guys... dont always expect people to feed u na??? And goalkeeper ( i'll explain in gk part).. seriously its just wasting de tyme so much and the fun of playing football is not there... please be supportive to the game..dun KILL it..

4) Goalkeeper

Malaysian goalkeepers are special. U noe y i say dat. yea it juz because they are twist of any football game. for example, perak snatch a freekick goal courtesy of the goal keeper cuz he led the ball to rebounce before him.... hahaha... a keeper let a goal by rebounce..that's shit to hear.. dun be a keeper if cant catch it..lol... and everyone noe dat ball dat comes in rebounce is not fast and easily catchable.... other than that,, u shud c de action of a gk once he saved or catch de ball. he will lie down on the ground for 10 second as if he had tried very hard to capture it.. lolx.... if this was bpl, the next 2 second s i can find the ball is in the midfield... wat the hell is wrong with malaysian gk..arent they trained enough??? haha... nice questions.... '

So to wrap up my blog here, i would like to say dat is not the fault of the people of not watching the football game.. Like Roslan(judge frm malaysian idol) said " i'm eating fish head curry without the fish" how would people watch when there no ingredient of entertainment, spirit, and courage,,, malaysian games are not watchables... my rating for malaysian football= lolx,rofl,lmao

~merpati KL ~ ORIGINAL

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