Remembering King Of Pop

Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson - 25 June 2009 - R.I.P
Michael Jackson was the unpopular kid in his family.He was often teased for his ugly nose.. But, yet his first song made him rise and created a mass fans of his... ( im 1 of dem )..though i born in 1988, years after his album released...i still lurve de song he has sung...I still remember..i was 5 years old..in my grandma's house when i saw the 1st michael jackson concert in tape... promoting his album "Dangerous".. and the fans was going very crazy..and few of them passed away due 2 heavy tension or hsyteria.. his tracks all made to the top of the billboard at his time.. Though he may fall into his own conspiracy and scandals..well people have their own weakness..that's what i see in him...through the sales of his album he surged to the top 5 world richest man and was listed along Brunei's Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, Queen Elizabeh of England and Bill Gates.

In his later years, he was convicted with too many molesting cases with kids which was widely critisiced by media and large number of people.But , it is not important to me..I juz see him as a performer..i dun wan to know what his personal life's secret.. as a admirer that's how we shud be.. surely im going to miss all his dance steps, his songs... and the special ever moonwalk... Sir Michael Jackson..May your soul rest in peace... :S

Michael Jackson

( 1958 - 2009 )



Life is A Wonderful Experience..

Sunday, June 21, 2009

hmm... when i was 17, i went to a tuition of my close teacher.. and that was the time he was sharing his life experience... he was ranked as top imigrattion officer of Malaysia at his time..though he sailed his journey in teacher's role.. he said he feel so grateful to be as a teacher.. hmm..den he said.. everyone lives in this world has a certain purpose to still live on...and he experienced it at his teen life.. so wen i was listening this i thought i should search for my purpose in this world... juz wen i thought i found out my purpose..i was very proud of myself... den now...3 years later..now i think that it is now i found my true purpose..indeed i found the wrong one...and i've been draged so deeply...damn...i often say this... " wish i cud turn back de time".. a stupid quotation introduced to me.. n im telling it everytime after all de worst event happened to my life..and now..i juz feel that life is becoming more beautiful.... i began 2 experience new things, which is something rare happen 2 me...hmm...there going 2 be a mass change of myself..i can feel it everyday..and whenever i go around with my bike, i c de world is so wonderful...im experiencing life at the fullest... ahakz..watever.. dis year im going to turn 21..hmm hopefully dis time i found out the correct purpose... life'z experience are priceless to be obtained by anyone... and im thanking GOD for giving a wonderful life 2 me.. GRACIAS..

~merpati K.L ~


Storm Helper..

well i was touched with 2day's homily in church...well, 2days reading was all about surviving a storm...which is in our life means the hurdles and obstacles... though i dun often pay attention to the homily ( very often ) but today's one trigger my mind 2 look back at my life... well i do came 2 my mind dat so far i been surviving so many challenges of life and get through it easily.. perhaps dat i juz dun appreciate it when something happens...hmm...surviving a bus crash, love problems, eye infection, operations..and more..i just feel that im blessed and have live in this world quite easy so far..it is juz i didnt face the toughest obstacle for me yet..which must be very painful...and i was touched by these scripts from de gospel..

" Jesus went sailing with his people to the sea.Then suddenly a storm came and caught them in the middle.However Jesus was calmly having his sleep in the boat.Seeing this the people was worried and anxious of their life.One of them got up to Jesus and ask him " Master, are going to let us die here?".. Jesus answered why are worried.. He stood up and told the storm "Stop"..and at that time the storm stopped.Looking at this the people on boat were astonished at this and were starting asking among themselves..Who is this man actually?"..

I remember when father was reading "Jesus said to them, "Y r u afraid when im here?".. And at that moment i was started to believing that GOD was always with me through out every rough and plain..

~ merpati K.L ~


Blue Eyes

Saturday, June 20, 2009

It was like a dream,
I am clueless when
you said
"I love You",
It was different
when you say it,
Looking through your
blue eyes,

I am lost that moment,
My hands began to tremble,
The cold breeze of the night,
the warmth of your voice,
everything happens just to fast,
And i started to thinking,
whether it would last forever,
whatever it is,
i fallen in love deeply,
madly, succumbingly,
i remember the love song,
celine dion's cuz u lurve me,
it run through my mind,
and that moment
i surrender my heart to you,
the moon witness our love,
the sky blessed our love..
and im writing this,
just to b'coz u love me.

~ merpati K.L ~


Alaram - One swayed program

well.. i saw a show on vaanavil astro...and i was attracted to the topic they were discussing... "Does carrying a baby burdens a mother?".. well this is a quite nice topic i told myself.. wen i was watching i i felt sumthing was wrong..the topic is about mother's problem and they are asking old guys... whoaa..i tot wat is dis...how can a guy understand or feel what a mother would feel....later..dey came to the discussion.. and they were talking about family crisis, ecomony, financial poblem, having litlle children...den i was thinking like.. bloody hell... am following the ryte discussion...den they display the topic...(in tamil) Kulanthai thaiyukku barama.. means the above topic..so i feel like whoo...these guys are diverting from the original topic...instead they were discussing for a topic i would name rather " Is financial problem makes indians to give birth less child?" well..as for me the swayed discusssion was very much interesting..hey..but im not complaining the show isnt good..but it is lacksture of them to obtain a good topic title instead..im gng to talk about this topic in my next post..

~ merpati K.L ~


Community Service Picz Collection.. ( Vol 3 )

Friday, June 19, 2009

working up wit de kolam

setting up the banner

arranging the chairs
~merpati K.L ~


Community Service Picz Collection.. ( Vol 2 )

tag designed by me...

banner designed by Gobi n me
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Community Service Picz Collection.. ( Vol 1 )

People of Perlis

Speech by MIC Youth Chief

MIC Youth Chief

Done by Sharma, Veera, Nuta, Sukanya, Yaleni, Muru, Puva, Gobi, Jagathisan, Dinesh and me..


Community Service..

Well the two post below are done during my social project being carried out..haiz..didnt have much time to write in here..so i juz copy and paste from my friendster blog...lolx.. newayz we had hardships and struggle to make success of the event.. we organized a business forum for indians in perlis..through a survey we done, we came out with a result that indian people in perlis are financially very very poor.. through help of private organization which funded us we did a forum successfully attended by 200 people of perlis..and we managed to deliver message to the people..

~ merpati K.L ~


Respect.. A clear Understanding

Well this is dedicated for people who are not understanding what is respect wholely..
According to dictionary…;

  • The condition of being honoured (esteemed or respected or well regarded)
  • An attitude of admiration or esteem
  • A courteous expression (by word or deed) of esteem or regard
  • Behaviour intended to please your parents
  • A feeling of friendship and esteem
  • Courteous regard for people’s feelings

So, this is what respect is all about. Okey, we now come to my perception of respect.Hmm.. respect for me is an acting of honouring others who behave correcty to the situation. When a people do gud or sumthing that is perfect for the situation, dat person rewarded with a respect.For an instance, a guy saves a kid from drowning.Dat guy shud get a respect for his braveness.Another example is when a guy help his community, he shall get respect from his members.
So, some people are saying dat respect must given to a certain people.What the heck.. Respect is not all about giving it but it is about ur behaviour. It really sadden if u wan respect when u behave like c**.. Nah..u c dat respect.. It irritating to respect people like dat.. From my point of view, respect shud be given to people whoe deserves it.. Not people WHO ASKS FOR IT..People who ask for respect is only a real imposter and it doesnt make any difference now if ur on the top to get respect..cuz WGACA… de world is round one day or sooner u gonna realise dat u really wasted ur opportunity to get respected..
BY the way, de respect i have is now lost cuz u didnt act acordingly..very sad to tell about it.. If ur luking at dis be shamed of it.. I MEAN IT… haha..
NO OFFENCE PLZ.. i dun noe how to lie in front of people.. opinions are harsh but correct ur self first.. Neither do im perfect in my own..


Social Work..but barriers???

Barriers.. dat is wat still holding us from doing gud work 2 de society.. i mean our own indians.. dey wont do or give any help.. dat’s allright.. but y wan to be a wall if others wan help or do de social work.. it is not about gaining name who did de best..but instead how much u have contributed to the community or social work u have done in ur lifetime.. karma..dat wat i believe of.. one day u gonna regret of not helping others.. dun feel pity luking at the grieves if our community.. u have been helped to enter luxury life..but u forgot de people who helped u all de way up.. sickening 2 get noe u…
But by the way.. we hav break all de walls created and did de work successfully.. Nex tym BE READY to help…


So Long..

wow..it has been so long since my last blog post..back in february...well had a really tough time managing my studies and socializing myself... gosh..done few community projects..will upload very very soon... so only these updates im giving..will cum back with new post soonn...

~ merpati K.L ~