Tsunami - Aftermath

i guess we are still aware of the 2004 tsunami which wiped out the banda acheh town in north sumatera indonesia few years ago. well, the nightmare are back in japan now and many lives are in danger. the world doesnt end just because this is happening. it's happening for a reason and the reason is to make the ecology of the world to be in dynamic equlibrium so that the earth will be more balance with all creature. meanwhile. we just can hope that many people wouldnt be killed by this giant wall of water. condolences to the family of the victim. it's a sad thing that people die of natural disaster. we thereby should be more alert with these changes of the environment. so many technilogy we found, yet not a single tsunami warning cud predicted of the waves. so we shud enhance the current technology we have to save more life in future. Adios, may GOD bless JAPAN.. WE PRAY FOR YOU!!

May the ever almighty god bless this people who are affected and give them shelter to protect them from any disaster and give courage to the afflicted family, those who lost their loved ones, may the have strength to continue move on their life and may obstacles they pass is no longer. Lord, guide the people to your way so that may their embrace your grace and mercy. May ur divine light of hope, love, courage, care pour upon them. We ask this to you O God, through your son Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns with you, one God forever and ever. Amen.


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