Episode 5: Malaysian Comedies // Jokes

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Notes::// This is just a written story of what a friend of mine told me about his fren hu made a joke out of a chinese guy.soo this shudnt be recorded in emotional level..i hope so...

Guy A: Hey dude, u guys tell that pig look cute ryte??
Guy B: Yeah!! We keep them as our dolls, sculpture and many more. Y eh u asking dat??
Guy A: So, when u get a baby, will u tell ur baby look like pig ( pig = cute )??
Guy B: (grines)errghh!! Oh, so what if i tell when u got a baby it's look like a cow??
Guy A: oh! he just look like his mother... =p
Guy B: shit!! wasted my time (inner heart voice)

P/S: Please dont be offended my chinese frens.... Thankiu n njai ur lyf.. =)

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