Episode 1: Favourite Songs ( 2007- 2010 )

okie...i was thinking wad 2 write dis time and i got idea of lining up my fav song for past few years.. here is some of my pick which wud be a great selection of songs(i hope so)..

1) Kadhal Annukal - Enthiran
one of the most lovely lyrics integrated with essence of science and we have a lovely voice of shreya goshal.
2) Oru Punnagai Thane - Theratha Vilayatu Pillai
had 2 say that this is one of the great tune from yuvan and thanx 2 de lyricist for wonderful lines. i had been chanting few lines of this song and it's not bad at all. All-time fav
3) Manipaaya - Vinnaithandi Varuvaaya
this is just a great love song. AR Rahmann and Shreya Goshal especially. this is one of my all time favourite song. Lines - hats off.superb..speechless..extraordinary
4) Usurey Poguthey - Raavanan
Karthik voice is simply superb and i wont b shocked if this song emerged as the best song of the year. my caller tune,, need no to comment. high ratings for this song and lines. great work by ar rahman. all-time fav
5) Aval Appadi Ondrum - Angadi Theru
A nice song with simle lyrics that depicts feeling of a real youth to his love. Nice score by Vijay Anthony.
Other notable songs: Irumbiley oru idhayam(enthiran), hosanna(vtv), en jannal(tvp)

1) Vizhi Moodi - Ayan
One of the best song in my playlist ever, lyrics are wonderful, karthik voice super, harris music extraordinary.. wholesome winner song.all-time fav
2)Vaarayo Vaarayo - Aadhavan
nice song by pair chinmayee and harish ragavendhra,, lyrics gude, music mesmerizing, harris did it again.
3) Oru Devathai - Vaamanan
Although the film is not gude, bt the song remains one of the best tracks released in that year by yuvan. nice vocal by roop rathod kumar, ghazal effects, lyrics are wonderful.
Other notable songs: Neethane(sarvam), nenje nenje(ayan)(all tyme fav)

1) Anbe En Anbe - Dhaam Dhoom
in my all-time playlist,, and there are only several songs which is in my all-time playlist , and this is yet one of them. lyrics are speechless,, music and humming and vocal,, great work by harris best song of the year.
2) Nenjukul Peidhidum - Vaaranam Aayiram
best track of the year,, nice lyrics and hariharan shines up this song, harris scored once again. all-time fav
3) Engeyo Partha Mayakem - Yaradi Nee Mohini
one of the best song that udit narayanan wud f sung,, lyrics are awesome,, nice score from yuvan.. all time fav..
4) Yaro Manathile - Dhaam Dhoom
i love bombay jayshree's voice,, and this song especially,, very nice song arrangement by harris,, all-time fav.
5) Enn Anbe - Sathyam
love the music and for the first time i liked sadhana sargam's voice,, nice music by harris,, lyrics awesome,, my all-time fav
Other Notable songs:kangal irandal(subramaniampuran)(all tyme fav), azhiyile(dhaam dhoom), adiyae kolluthey,annul malea,ava enna,munthinam parthane(vaaranam aayiram)

1) Vaigasi Nilave - Unnalae Unnalae
best song of the year, well done music by yuvan, lyrics nice, sadhana sargam..hurmm..ok all-tyme fav
2)Ellampugzhalum - Alagiya Tamil Magan
One of the best track and inspiring one. Ar Rahman voice superb and music... all-tyme fav.. love d stress and feel of the song. soulfully song.
3) Vizhiyil - Kiredam
nice lyrics, the reason i like dis song, music great, beat nice...gud work.. my all tyme fav
4) Arabu Nade - Thottal Poo Malarum
lyrics nothing great, but music and voice scored well,, yuvan did a gude job here.
5) Pogathey - Deepavali
my all-tyme fav at first listen..and thats very rare,, yuvan did a great job of music,, singing soulfully, delivered the song nicely.. hats off
Other Notable Songs: sahana(sivaji the boss), unnakul naane(pckm),idhu enna mayam(oram po)

so i will continue my other fav songs since it has been quite a long posts..so see u in next post..part 2 cuming soon


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