Episode 7: Malaysian Comedies // Idiots

Ultraman Saving People from Tsunami (Src: Berita Harian )

how wud u feel wen u r in grieve and people tease u?? it's not funny when u tease people facing the difficult times... how did in ur sane mind u can think of playing around a joke of teasing a powerful nation such as Japan, who is economically 100x better than ur country,, a developed country,, civilized people, hardworking nation.. oh god..i dont c wer this bunch of morons coming and juz tarnish the image of the people... newspapers do reflect and represent the people and the country's admin.. such a shame that u gt so little mind to make fun of people at hard time..juz because u think that ur country wont be affected with tsunami... ooiiii... if it wants to happen in malaysia,,dont think that when ur are artistic whatever u draw will be appreciated if it doesnt suit with the situation. stupid morons... get educated 1st


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