Episode 6: Malaysian Comedies // Parody

Saturday, March 5, 2011

recently i went to kfc with my friends and i was having krunches while friends ordered combo fish.so i was waiting for them and they came after a while. so i saw them having toasted pocketfull. As far as i seen it visually, i recognised the wrap around the chicken looks like chappati ( indian food ) adn i was telling them, its just a chappati wrapped-up with chickens. haha...then we started imagining other possibility that may occur with related to indian food.

1) Roti-canai

errrmmm... chicken inside roti canai with delicious salad coleslaw and chachos snack with tomato.

Name: KFC chickenai
Price: RM 9.75/-
Tagline: the unimaginable taste

2) Puri

errr.. dis is chicken deep-fried with puri and decorated with caesar's salad and tomato.

Name: Purifry Garden
Price: RM 11.50
tagline: Shake it off!

3) Idli

ermm... this chicken filled inside idli with tomato and pineaple

Name: pecato d' tastey
Price: RM8.65
Tagline: Crunch inside, soft outside

4) Tosai

ermmm...tosai filled with chicken and mixed vegetable

Name: Tochik Spice
Price: RM 9.55
Tagline: spice it upp!

~ merpati KL ~

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