Respect.. A clear Understanding

Well this is dedicated for people who are not understanding what is respect wholely..
According to dictionary…;

  • The condition of being honoured (esteemed or respected or well regarded)
  • An attitude of admiration or esteem
  • A courteous expression (by word or deed) of esteem or regard
  • Behaviour intended to please your parents
  • A feeling of friendship and esteem
  • Courteous regard for people’s feelings

So, this is what respect is all about. Okey, we now come to my perception of respect.Hmm.. respect for me is an acting of honouring others who behave correcty to the situation. When a people do gud or sumthing that is perfect for the situation, dat person rewarded with a respect.For an instance, a guy saves a kid from drowning.Dat guy shud get a respect for his braveness.Another example is when a guy help his community, he shall get respect from his members.
So, some people are saying dat respect must given to a certain people.What the heck.. Respect is not all about giving it but it is about ur behaviour. It really sadden if u wan respect when u behave like c**.. Nah..u c dat respect.. It irritating to respect people like dat.. From my point of view, respect shud be given to people whoe deserves it.. Not people WHO ASKS FOR IT..People who ask for respect is only a real imposter and it doesnt make any difference now if ur on the top to get respect..cuz WGACA… de world is round one day or sooner u gonna realise dat u really wasted ur opportunity to get respected..
BY the way, de respect i have is now lost cuz u didnt act acordingly..very sad to tell about it.. If ur luking at dis be shamed of it.. I MEAN IT… haha..
NO OFFENCE PLZ.. i dun noe how to lie in front of people.. opinions are harsh but correct ur self first.. Neither do im perfect in my own..


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