Life is A Wonderful Experience..

hmm... when i was 17, i went to a tuition of my close teacher.. and that was the time he was sharing his life experience... he was ranked as top imigrattion officer of Malaysia at his time..though he sailed his journey in teacher's role.. he said he feel so grateful to be as a teacher.. hmm..den he said.. everyone lives in this world has a certain purpose to still live on...and he experienced it at his teen life.. so wen i was listening this i thought i should search for my purpose in this world... juz wen i thought i found out my purpose..i was very proud of myself... den now...3 years i think that it is now i found my true purpose..indeed i found the wrong one...and i've been draged so deeply...damn...i often say this... " wish i cud turn back de time".. a stupid quotation introduced to me.. n im telling it everytime after all de worst event happened to my life..and now..i juz feel that life is becoming more beautiful.... i began 2 experience new things, which is something rare happen 2 me...hmm...there going 2 be a mass change of myself..i can feel it everyday..and whenever i go around with my bike, i c de world is so experiencing life at the fullest... ahakz..watever.. dis year im going to turn 21..hmm hopefully dis time i found out the correct purpose... life'z experience are priceless to be obtained by anyone... and im thanking GOD for giving a wonderful life 2 me.. GRACIAS..

~merpati K.L ~


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