Blue Eyes

Saturday, June 20, 2009

It was like a dream,
I am clueless when
you said
"I love You",
It was different
when you say it,
Looking through your
blue eyes,

I am lost that moment,
My hands began to tremble,
The cold breeze of the night,
the warmth of your voice,
everything happens just to fast,
And i started to thinking,
whether it would last forever,
whatever it is,
i fallen in love deeply,
madly, succumbingly,
i remember the love song,
celine dion's cuz u lurve me,
it run through my mind,
and that moment
i surrender my heart to you,
the moon witness our love,
the sky blessed our love..
and im writing this,
just to b'coz u love me.

~ merpati K.L ~

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