Remembering King Of Pop

Michael Jackson - 25 June 2009 - R.I.P
Michael Jackson was the unpopular kid in his family.He was often teased for his ugly nose.. But, yet his first song made him rise and created a mass fans of his... ( im 1 of dem )..though i born in 1988, years after his album released...i still lurve de song he has sung...I still remember..i was 5 years my grandma's house when i saw the 1st michael jackson concert in tape... promoting his album "Dangerous".. and the fans was going very crazy..and few of them passed away due 2 heavy tension or hsyteria.. his tracks all made to the top of the billboard at his time.. Though he may fall into his own conspiracy and scandals..well people have their own weakness..that's what i see in him...through the sales of his album he surged to the top 5 world richest man and was listed along Brunei's Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, Queen Elizabeh of England and Bill Gates.

In his later years, he was convicted with too many molesting cases with kids which was widely critisiced by media and large number of people.But , it is not important to me..I juz see him as a performer..i dun wan to know what his personal life's secret.. as a admirer that's how we shud be.. surely im going to miss all his dance steps, his songs... and the special ever moonwalk... Sir Michael Jackson..May your soul rest in peace... :S

Michael Jackson

( 1958 - 2009 )



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