Storm Helper..

well i was touched with 2day's homily in church...well, 2days reading was all about surviving a storm...which is in our life means the hurdles and obstacles... though i dun often pay attention to the homily ( very often ) but today's one trigger my mind 2 look back at my life... well i do came 2 my mind dat so far i been surviving so many challenges of life and get through it easily.. perhaps dat i juz dun appreciate it when something happens...hmm...surviving a bus crash, love problems, eye infection, operations..and more..i just feel that im blessed and have live in this world quite easy so is juz i didnt face the toughest obstacle for me yet..which must be very painful...and i was touched by these scripts from de gospel..

" Jesus went sailing with his people to the sea.Then suddenly a storm came and caught them in the middle.However Jesus was calmly having his sleep in the boat.Seeing this the people was worried and anxious of their life.One of them got up to Jesus and ask him " Master, are going to let us die here?".. Jesus answered why are worried.. He stood up and told the storm "Stop"..and at that time the storm stopped.Looking at this the people on boat were astonished at this and were starting asking among themselves..Who is this man actually?"..

I remember when father was reading "Jesus said to them, "Y r u afraid when im here?".. And at that moment i was started to believing that GOD was always with me through out every rough and plain..

~ merpati K.L ~


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