Alaram - One swayed program

Saturday, June 20, 2009

well.. i saw a show on vaanavil astro...and i was attracted to the topic they were discussing... "Does carrying a baby burdens a mother?".. well this is a quite nice topic i told myself.. wen i was watching i i felt sumthing was wrong..the topic is about mother's problem and they are asking old guys... whoaa..i tot wat is dis...how can a guy understand or feel what a mother would feel....later..dey came to the discussion.. and they were talking about family crisis, ecomony, financial poblem, having litlle children...den i was thinking like.. bloody hell... am following the ryte discussion...den they display the topic...(in tamil) Kulanthai thaiyukku barama.. means the above topic..so i feel like whoo...these guys are diverting from the original topic...instead they were discussing for a topic i would name rather " Is financial problem makes indians to give birth less child?" well..as for me the swayed discusssion was very much interesting..hey..but im not complaining the show isnt good..but it is lacksture of them to obtain a good topic title instead..im gng to talk about this topic in my next post..

~ merpati K.L ~

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