Top 10 Richest Man 2009

Saturday, November 21, 2009

# 1 - William Gates 3

These are the new list of richest man in world releases by the forbes org. for the year 2009. As the year saw economic slide, every richest had their downfall in property this year with Gates emerged back to no.1 when he was override by Warren Buffett who had no.1 for de year 2008. Both men saw loss in this year which Gates had a less loss than Buffett. Many other mens also had the loss with the donfall of indian merchants to 7th & 8th spot from top 5 last year for both Mukesh and Lakhsmi. Hope year 2010 will bring sheer luck for everyone. ;)

2 Responses to "Top 10 Richest Man 2009"


proud to see that two ethnic Indians in the top 10 list!

alex sebastian Says:

im too proud but sad at de same time... last year der was 3 indians.. Mukesh & his brother wit net worth of 87.5 billion...but dis year one of the ambani brother didnt make to top 10 dis year...preety sad thinking how the economy cud make loss to a billionaire...