Episode 3 - Malaysian Comedies

Hahahaha...dis is wat the ruling gov was doing when the PR had internal problem and politics of their own... And this saying never goes wrong  "what goes around comes back around".. yup and now the ruling gov have their most critical party problem with the mca having a real problem of what people call 'power madness' or in BM 'gila kuasa' and its funny thing when it happen to them who said it...and they are alwiz had been like dat until the news get bigger dis time... This is wat malaysia politics... it never had the courage for all to co-operate and work together in sailing the nation towards excellence.. and they slogan  is not important den juz been said " Rakyat didahulukan, Pencapaian diutamakan"..total ignorance for the slogan..they are juz thinking of their importance, their position, their wealth and ppl juz stood in the middle getting nothing.. (* funny malaysia*) 

Now as  PR banned the BTN program, the gov started to critic PR for banning it. I have been 2 the BTN and i think dat the program is totally useless..basically my 3 days juz went like so boring in midst of a forest...*duh* never want o be gng 2 de camp agai...hey but the night jungle trekking and flying fox + abstaling somewhat awesoeme but other than that the speakers... ( i cnt tell lar...u noe it what they will tell... and the indian community...errghh.... dat oso i cnt say... u noe lar.... what dey wud say..plus the great statistics of life..... all u go n c lor.. u need 2 experience it 2 noe how ppl wud suffer in dat camp wif stewpid ideology... gosh... 


junsern said…
u know when i read the newspaper i usually go straight to sports then to comic section... then if i feel adventurous then i will venture to the front page... coz the comedy there is just so hilarious! very much agreed bro!

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