Episode 2 - Malaysian Comedy

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Paddy field in Malaysia

Again in the news wic game me a shock.. our PM is gng 2 develop paddy farming in sulawesi..wic is at south east of sabah...wad?? sulawesi in Malaysia?? dat guy didnt had de courage 2 develop business in malaysia but yet caring so much for indonesians?? like wad u gonna do de food for people here in malaysia...u ony said wat... " Pencapain diutamakan, rakyat didahulukan " ur rakyat now residing at sulawesi ke?? haha...wat lar dis... wer is de development for our country...come n look at village in malaysia lar..u luk in kedah & perlis specifically... no development from de 50 years... and yet ppl still like de government... y?? lack of introduction to outside world... ppl der is shielded wif oppositions party influence..wanna know how...cum n c der...

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Kerajaan kita angkuh.. they r really arrogance bro.. refuse to learn from mistakes...

own country also in problem, they going to serve for other country... shameless people.. what to do bro? this already been their culture for more than 52 years... hope they don't destroy this lovely country!