Mafia Wars Introduction

Well juz to make an introduction of this game, im preety sure every1 is aware of facebook and its online game. Mafia Wars is one of the online game developed by zynga and creating the big waves over the world. Every1 get 2 addicted to the game. And its does influence me too.. I got involve in this game last Feb 09 and can say like im one of the experts in MW ( kononnye... ).. well got lot of experienced playing dat game and i can say dat i do play well in that game eventhough many people use paypal and go level up faster.. for me its juz wasting money playing dat money using paypal...haiizzz but yes try play it once and im sure i wont let go of playing it anymore. Well basically the game is about going to the level of godfather which eventually no one went up till now and there are 3 cities currently New York, Cuba and Moscow.There will be addition of Bangkok and America soon enough. 


 Screenshots of My Mafia Wars ( click 2 enlarge )

The aim of the game is to master each level in mafia wars which has 3 level to be finished to get titles of each level. New York 9 Level, Cuba 6 Level, Moscow 6 Level

            eg; Consigliere, Skilled Consigliere, Master Consigliere

And its very hard to do the job with having no money to start with but u alwiz can find help from the MW forums in facebook.. Well if u f facebook, dun miss de opportunity to play dis game.. and dun 4get to join my mafia ( like promote ppl join MW sendiri ony...)

Well the level in mafia wars are endless and current leader are in level 7578... ( ooooo.....)

Im juz reach level 308 Mogul... so why still wait for it..cum join Mafia Wars


Another part of screenshots ( click 2 enlarge )

Interesting Parts of MW 

Fights: U can fight with anyone to get more money and experience

Robbing : Rob anyone's property to get money

Wars: Declare war with any of ur friend to get rewarded from MW Godfather

Reward Points : Used to buy things, get energy,stamina and health  recovered, change of name

Bank : To keep ur money away from robbery or los during fights

Jobs: More than 10000+ jobs in the game 

Energy Pack : To gain energy and do job 

Daily Chance : To get some lottery like prize 

Boosts : To help during ur fights

For more info juz click de mafia wars link above and enjoy playing de game..


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