Nenjilirukkum Varai - A heart touching

Nenjilirukkum Varai

The story revolves life of ganesan, an auto driver in Chennai.His life was moving smoothly and
happy around his family.One day, he met a girl, a girl that eventually change his life totally.The
first meeting was when he brought an injured man to get a lift where this gal came, Bhuvana. Bhuvana was daughter to a rich man.On the journey to hospital she asked how the man got injured.Ganesan in reply said he did injured the man.The man was trying to make his vehicle as a romance place with his girlfriend, hu is Bhuvana's friend.This act made Bhuvana attracted to Ganesan.The upcoming event co-incide Ganesan and Bhuvana, which increasingly makes Bhuvana to fell in love with Ganesan.

Apparently, Bhuvana was grown up without her mum and her father is a business manganate, too busy to keep an eye on his daughter.The lack of love she lost in her family, she hopes o get it from Ganesan's family.Though they are living in the Chennai slum, their lives is full of happiness.The film entertain viewers with some comedy scenes made by the director.Dance and song was equally given important.The pair later fell in love each other.Little did he know, he going to sacrifice is life for the girl he loves.When Bhuvana tried to convince her problems, her father was too busy with his business dealings.She made her mind to left her father and stay with Ganesan in slum.They were getting marry in two days time when a lorry hit Bhuvana when she cross the roads.Ganesan become reckless and devastated.the doctor claims that Bhuvana had suffered serious cardiac injury where the operation cost 1 million rupee.He struggle to find money.He could only afford one third of one million.

The hospital chief stubbornly made Ganesan clear that he wants money first.Not being able to get those money, Ganesan hijacked the emergency ward and 40 hostages.Later, the hospital chief agrees to do the operation to Bhuvana.But, Bhuvana could not get the suitable heart for herself.With 10 minutes left on the clock, Ganesan made a tragic decision.He sacrified his heart to the girl he love.I was really touched by the story but the ending plot should have been made more interesting and logically.Overall the movie is fantastic and worth to be watched.

~ merpati K.L ~


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