1Malaysia - RIP Teoh

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The death news of Teoh Beng Hock, political secretary from the opposition party who went to the MACC investigation shocks the nation. Family claims he was in a good shape of health before going to the investigation.MACC claims they have no responsibility in the case of Teoh.

Post-mortem yet to be released from the hospital.This time though many Malaysian would expect the post mortem report would not be similar of A.Kugan's case.The report of A.Kugan's case claims the victim died from large liquid amount in his lungs.Still fighting to get a good report from the police and hospital. May the deceased soul be rest in peace.Back to Teoh's case, i hope the same thing wouldn't happen. If that does that happen again though, pressure from the political party and it going to be a long agenda talk in the parliment.

It seems so odd that Malaysian parliament would waste time discussing unimportant things.However, cases like this should be discuss to retain the publics belief towards the cops. Leaders of political party also should be discussing of enforcing this nation to be a strong of political,economical and many other things that can make the people be proud of their nation.So long fighting, Malaysia have never achieved anything so far.Rather than saying fault in the other party, why dont they join together in building a powerful nation. Discuss of enforcing and enriching foreign currency flow into Malaysia.

I always had a good laugh while watching the Parliament sitting live from the national tv.. 30 minutes but waste of fights and solutions that have been failed so many times. Practice the new things, ideas or solution.Keeping urself to the old-fashion way of thinking solution is not going to resolve the problem wisely.Indeed ask the opinion of the people-in accordance of 1Malaysia.. dats wat 1Malaysia is about..it is what the people wants.. not a politician..

~ merpati K.L ~

2 Responses to "1Malaysia - RIP Teoh"

vasantarao appalasamy Says:

1Malaysia from Najib..
excellent slogan but bad examples...

Such leadership will lead Malaysia to nightmare...

alex sebastian Says:

as usual..its like every leader has to have a slogan...maybe its kind of requirement...but they only sayin word..simply go everywhere and shout the slogan may times..sooner one gng 2 come out..last time Pak Lah invented Cemerlang, Gemilang And Terbilang..