Love - No Gender??

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The day Jack saw him he felt he had a crush on him.He was looking so cute… Gosh… He cant remove him from his mind.. He had the most cutest face in the college at that time.. No one else does have features like him.. One day.. Jack bravely approached him personally n said he like him very much.. But he rejected Jack.. Like how can he love another Jack..A guy and another guy.. This is ridiculous on earth for God’s sake..But Jack still has the feeling over him.. And by one time Jack got an opportunity.. Jack tried to approach him.. He hugged the guy and kiss him.. That guy really got angry with what Jack did.. He said he is not giving a damn to it.. Still Jack hasn’t got lost of his feeling towards him..Yet he hoped one day he’ll will be with him..

Well a sickening story of community dis is.. Really hard when der is ppl of dis type..Loving de same gender.. Y juz u dun born to dat gender to love dat person..reasons for being like dat

  • No opposite gender attracted so much like dat
  • No love from opposite gender
  • Eager to have a pleasure
  • Influence of surrounding - ppl,culture, etc..

Hmm.. well this reasons looks like dis type person’s can be cured.. Is it real?? Dat depends on the person hu wanted the change.. Abolish homoseksualisme for the good of community..Love ppl of same gender should has it’s limittations.. Dats wat will be holding ppl together..When people of these types moved in new environment, they will find difficulties to adapt wit the community and consequently it can change the nature of that person. Getting pleasure from a guy would not satisfy the hunger for sex.To control the sex hunger, frequently do some meditation instead.These methods proven to help overcome being a sex maniacs.Do lot of exercises and work so that ur mind will concentrate more on other things rather than thinking of sex.

~ merpati K.L ~

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