Mafia Wars Secret [ Xclusive ]

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Secrets of Mafia Wars Revealed 

Some people say that leveling up in Mafia Wars is quite hard.Well it is a yes for beginners who fully focused on working the job in New York.As it has 9 level to finish and it demands are very high to get equipments in New York.And if u got Paypal or credit card then it wouldnt be a problem of completing the jobs. Skill point are considered as the most important in making a good mafia character.Skill point is given when u level up, mastering a job or from daily chance.As such there are 5 importants keys that need 2 be given priority. 

1) Attack - which is your strength u need to attack opponents during fights & robbery.If u have more strength the person u attack u will win the fight which will give u some rewards.

2) Defense - which is ur level of strength to sustain attacks from ur opponents.If ur defense is strong then ur opponent gonna have tough time cracking u up.

3) Health - an important key to alwiz increase ur health points as u will face tons of attack juz in split moment.Having a greater health will provide a better chance of not being snuffed to death.Initially health is given 100.

4) Energy - this is the most important key that every need which people shud consider of adding their skill points.Energy is important for the means of completing the job.The more u add skill points, the better chance to level up faster.This is because energy pack is only given once in 24 hours.

5) Stamina - if u r interested in fights, then u may go ahead of adding ur points here.But remember to fight it is alwiz gude to have a member of 501 to ensure ultimate win.Based on my experience having a greater mafia does provide a win.Believe me when i say it.

Apart from that godfather points or rewards points (RP) is another important thing in MW. 10 RP can be used to refill full energy or health or stamina.While 14 RP for changing name and 20RP for crates or special weapons. Making business is a hard time in mafia wars since the money is not transferable but doing a business starting from a scratch is really hard and it is limited in Cuba & Moscow. But once u made the money, u wud feel like u can take on anything.

Well this is juz for now.I'll be doing another posting revealing on how to buy weapons in Mafia Wars..Till then c ya..=)

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