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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Had 2 be agreed too much that facebook is fascination of everyone today.From kids to oldies, everybody fancies facebook as it is seen as the most efficient working social network. In year 2001 - 2006 friendster was dominating most part the asia region as the best socializing network. However, the introduction of facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg created a big change of number of people accessing friendster since then. Still there were many sites surviving the norm like MySpace and Tagged. Though then facebook gains interest from many users around the world with its integrated function of twitter,friendster, tagged and myspace. Facebook games are the X-factor that leads to massive number of people flowing there.Online games which ables to compete with many people makes people crazy of games to achieve the high score and to be known to the world.

And its cool layout which has the live update of each second wats your friend is up to really attracts the teenagers.Many companies also use facebook as its platform to connect with people of their network. Chatting tool which is not available in any other network makes this site famous. It enables people to chat and surf at the same time and rarely facebook had "jammed" "hacking" "server down" with so many applications. 

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