Christmas - A Reason to be enjoyed =)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

It is that time of the year again. When everyone is in Christmas mood. We get excited listening to Christmas carols, the shopping malls are decorated with beautiful ornaments, we start putting up the tree and writing our gift list. We buy presents for our loved ones, clean the house and start baking cakes and cookies. Lets not forget the caroling and Christmas events happening in church. It is indeed the most wonderful time of the year. The excitement, anticipation, the joy and love is just way too much to describe.

But we all know that Christmas is not about the tree, the presents or the baking. Its about that one Man whom God sent down to earth to deliver his people from their sins. Why didn't Jesus remain up in heaven and rule the earth? Why did he have to come down, suffer here, die and resurrect? As what Max Lucado said in his book, He Chose the Nails, Jesus came down to earth to show mankind that a mere mortal can live a perfect and blameless life. A life directed by God, the Father, for His Son. Like the song by Planet Shakers, "Its all about Jesus, its all about the way He changed our lives".

Every year in the midst of merry-making and partying and the over commercialised Christmas celebration, we forget the real meaning of Christmas. Jesus is the reason, we celebrate the season. If not for Him, we wouldn't even have Christmas to celebrate in the first place.

Personally, I love Christmas. As a child and even until now, an adult. The season is just right, with the year-end holidays. Its something I look forward towards year end. Just like everybody else, I am also caught up with the busyness of the holidays. But then, somewhere deep inside my heart, I always remember why I celebrate Christmas and its my privilege to celebrate the birth of Christ. During this season I always have extra love and joy. Not because of the presents or the holidays but the opportunity to celebrate Christ's birth on this earth.

I believe that God placed us on this earth for a reason and He has a purpose for all of us. If we didn't know Him, we would never have known His gift of salvation and His death on the cross for all of us. I am truly blessed to have known the Lord, His grace and mercy for me, His salvation and His blood. I chose to follow Him and serve Him.

So how are we actually going to celebrate Christmas? Or how should we celebrate Christmas? We could use this time to reflect on God's love and providence on our lives. We must always remember why Jesus came to earth and how He lived here. He wants us to know that man can live a perfect and flawless life. We don't need to have special power.

During the Christmas season, we always try to spread the gospel through Christmas plays, cantatas, drama and dance. We visit hospitals, orphanages and even the streets to spread the Christmas cheer. We want the world to know why Jesus came to earth. We want to share His love to other people. But do we only wait for December to do this? The rest of the 11 months is for ourselves. I'm quite sure that that's not what Jesus wants us to do.

He did it everyday, as long as He was on earth. He didn't wait for December. He gave and gave, never expecting anything in return. He sacrificed comfort, time and His live for us, while we wait for Christmas to party until New Year and do some social work here and there.

How are we celebrating Christmas this year? Is it going to be like any other year or will it be different? Will we love more or less? Will the economy affect our giving? As Avalon sings, "We were the reason He gave us His life, we were the reason that He suffered and died". Lets stop, think and be honoured that someone who created this universe, died for us, the mere mortals, sinful human beings. So come on and celebrate, His gift of love we will celebrate. Lets celebrate Christmas the way Jesus would want us to celebrate.

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