Politics - Nudity??

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Is this Malaysia politics?? Showing the pictures of state exco woman to gain political advantage?? I'm really ashamed to hear this news.. Is politician in Malaysia craving so much to get the position of exco so fast?? And sneaking into her house capturing unhealthy photos.. Really pity of the victim of politics.. Real politician does not need this kind of propaganda to mark his name in people's heart.. Instead, he instills hatred feeling in people..

3 Responses to "Politics - Nudity??"

vasantarao appalasamy Says:


its a standard issue in Malaysia..
when BN out of stock, they will use whatever dirty tactics to regain their popularity that have been lost since March 8 GE...

vasantarao appalasamy Says:

bro.. mana u pigi lar?

alex sebastian Says:

sorry bro..was too busy wit last sem studies and projects... will make a entry very soon..