Thursday, February 12, 2009

Funny of thinking
What does life mean actually
Of all the Hurdles and Obstacles
When something changes in your life
The moment that it shapes your thought
Complicated it seems
But what does life offer In this evil world
While heartless people still live on
Sufferings and pains increases each second
The moment life felt unworthy
Triumphs and Fall
Joy and Sorrow
High and Low of life
Not as easy as it seems
Rocking the boat your ownself
What may be seen as a waste Energy and passion is left aside
HEART-BROKEN sets the night dull
Stars aren't gilttering as usual
The seas keep on roaring
are endless
That's what i need at the moment
Hungry of VICTORY of long awaited
The moment everything came in your life
That's the winner of "Life"

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