One of a kind guy

Well i was on journey back to my campus last night. And i met someone interesting beside my seat.Well, he is a Malay guy n he gestured me with a hello. I replied to him and we started a conversation.I can say he is different one of a kind Malay guy that i met.He was frankly speaking and are open-minded too.Way too much it was the best journey so far in my life.We were talking like we've been friends for so many years. For me,it wasn't new as i been friends with so many Malay guys before. He is young still in that age he knows what is going on is wrong and unfair. Good enough for me to say goodbye when i was about to take taxi and get back to my hostel. Wondered that still many good people around and realise injustice that has been happening in this country.


Hi adik, I a malay mummy. I should not have introduced myself this way for whatever race we are, we are all alike: we are God's creatures, breathing the same air underneath the same big sky! don't u think so? Do not worry ....good people are still plenty out your eyes and you heart too, then you will realise you are surrounded by people who are not only beautiful but the most important think is they are ready to be your friends just...give them the chance.!
alex sebastian said…
thankz sis..sometimes i juz dun understand y we are shown like we are separated... im not sure if i lived in a racist community..cuz.. in my school..those who can join the music band group was restricted to one race... and some more proud to say that later i and my frenz able to make a multi-race club under Police Corp.. Is this problem starts from here or older people teaching like that? i dun c ny difficulties getting along people of diff race..

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