Relation - World - Brothers ???

Well today i attended class on Ethnic Relation and the lecturer was asking everyone "Kalau saya kata saya adalah saudara kamu, kamu setuju?" She asked a malay guy n he said "setuju puan".. Den he asked two chinese guy n both of dem said impossible.. Den she asked me since i'm de only Indian in that class.. N i was reluctant to say " Setuju" cuz from what i learn in BIBLE it say that "we people on earth are sons and daughters of ADAM n EVE" since they r de 1st human to live on earth.. but i answered "mungkin".. Den my professor said that according to encyclopedia that we are indeed brothers n sisters with no bound of religion nor race... So y we r killing each other.. We r related to one another... Y being so cruel and injustice to people around u.. Wud u do dis to ur relatives??

Well.. In my opinion i think what my prof is telling is really true.. N i don't noe y people are trying to deny all dis fact.. Iraq War.. Middle East Struggle..All doens't make sense to me.. Y der aren't people to guide this people.. So called leader still being conservative.. Wats de point of killing people and proudly say "I have win dis nation"... Its juz dont make sense to me... Pity the people of the nation.. What wrong they did.. Showing off power to other people dont make you a great leader.. A great leader is who can bring people together and people have faith in him to build a great nation of history.. No great leaders in the history used force n gain people's support.. Examples of gone great leader.. Mahatma Gandhi, Dr.Martin Luther King, Dr.Sun Yat Sen .. Though dey have not lead a nation deir capability of being a great leader is undeniable..

Getting wins by using ur brain is more respectable than conquering a country by man force.. Using other people to get a victory is nothing but juz a simple act of cowardness... Killing infants n poor people is unforgiveable...

What we gain in earth not goin to bring us anywhere nor will follow us after we die.. Let us juz appreciate those who are still living in this earth cuz nothing is permanent in earth except what has been before we came... God has been so good to give us such a beautiful world... Destroying earth and innocent live is juz like ignoring HIM..


~ merpati k.l ~


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