Kempen Boikot Barang Israel - Explained

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I guess many of u wudn't understand the article below.So, let me explain wat it is all about. Well the company listed below is assumed to been helping the Israelis in support of Palestine War. The government has noted that these companies had been in supportive of Israel's action.

Ok..now everyone gets a clearer picture.. Well i juz been thinking about this is juz another crap that has been created.. Well logicly, what these companies are going to lose if we boycott of buying their things.. Need to be mention here that all these are needed in our daily life.. Is der any1 hu is willing to try Malaysian product assuming it is a quality product..Well for the company it's nothing much in lose bcuz they are international companies who dun rely on the Malaysian market...Let me ask dis question;

" Are we really going to boycott these product"
"Don't you want to have starbuck once a week"
"Are the company going to shut down from the effect of boycott"
"Will Israel stop bombings if it doesn't gain support"

Well,frankly speaking from the human rights aspect i feel that what Israel doing is wrong.. But let me give you another case...

  • The problem is with the idealogy of both the leaders the country,Israel & Palestine
  • Leaders are sitting on a couch listening to the news and they juz ignore the life's of many people.. To date, there have been over half a million lifes gone in the Middle East..

So, what about life of other people.. Is people life is worth watching latest news from satelite... Leaders - choice of people to lead them.. What will happen to the nation when the leader himself are not doing the right thing...

Dear frenz, i really hoped that peace would be restored in the Middle East..What's de point of being happy when other people is still suffering in other parts of the world.. Juz think about it frenz.. Robbing happiness of someone is juz like killing someone slowly..roughly..unforgiveable..

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