Clearer Vision!!

"damn..i didn't get a place in public university"...
This is what we often what we hear from student who didn't get a place in university.But the fact is that most of them are very choosy when it comes to decision making of selecting only certain universities. What is wrong if u go to Universiti Malaysia Terengganu? Will your status in the society goes down? Or will you die if you didn't get UKM?

Come on my dear brothers.. you all have grown up.. Don't just simply waste your parents money in private collegges. Your parents are working hard to provide education and deliver the best that they could. If you get offer other UKM,USM,UPM,UM, advice is please go. Dont ever think that other university is not up to the level.

I am studying in UniMAP.. and i am not regreting of choosing this university because this university is the best practical university in Malaysia. I can even say we have the best tutors in Malaysia.

I am sad when they say that around 60 INDIANS who were offered place in UniMAP did not turn up on registration day.It shows that we still dont have the accepting mentality.Its like you will only go when you were offered place in UKM,USM,UPM,UM,UTM.

I am sad because this happens in every university in Malaysia.


Anonymous said…
i agree with u bro!!

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