Soulmate for Hiranya Baby


Wish you were here baby,
Words don't measure,
They don't understand what i feel,
Distance seems so far away,
But not our heart, *NO*,
And its not tonight,
Tonight I'm gonna love you,
Like no one else does in this world,
Cause you're amazing my dear angel,
And I love you so much,
Love all your curves,
That melts me everytime I see you,
Your beauty is the resembelence of your soul,
And it's you I have been waiting all this while,
Your craziness makes me go wild,
Yet, you drunk me with your love,
Heyh baby, hold my hand,
We would go as far as we want,
No boundaries,
We'll never set apart again,
Together we going to paint our world,
Just you and me,
I love you My Soulmate,
Muaxx, Xoxo


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