Goodbye, My Lover !!

Saturday, January 8, 2011


This is a heartbreak love story that shouldn’t be happening to any of the guys...

Adam and Jacqueline know each other since they were kids. Both parents of them are friend’s way back long ago. They remains as friends for about 7 years until one day they felt that they are no longer can stays as friend. Both of them knew they had feelings on each other but they didn’t show up. So one day Jacqueline expresses her feelings to Adam. Adam was very happy to hear that. Soon afterwards they become as the ideal couple. Their parents were very happy on knowing that both of them love each other. They were just like other couples, hanging out, while Adam pours out his love with tones of gifts and money’s. Jacqueline felt very happy to be with Adam and the comfort she gets. So, years pass by and they had finished their high school by now. They had a very wonderful time together till the end of summer. Now it was time for entering the college. Adam wen to a different college of Jacqueline. But, though, they will meet up very often and it seems their relationship is unbreakable. Until one day, Adam's father finds difficulty in business. His father loss in business and Adam had to stop college. When Jacqueline came across this news she confronted Adam and asks Adam not to be sad. Adam was feeling very happy that he had someone for him when he is sad. After some time, Adam went to a different college, which is a mile afar from his hometown and his love. Meanwhile Jacqueline has finished her college and was about to leave the country for pursuing degree in King's College, London. Adam came back to send his love of not realizing it will be his last ever wave for her. Few months after she flew to King’s college, came heartbreak for him. Of course, she met another guy abroad and she felt Adam’s company is no longer needed. She ditched Adam for another guy, and Adam felt terribly hurt like never before. How could not he be hurt?? He loved her for 7 years and knows her since from childhood. Having a great heartbreak, Adam went back to his family. When his came to know about this, he confronted his son and advised him to be more focus on his study and not to think of her. He also told Adam that he will go and asks Jacqueline’s father to get back to Adam. Adam told his father not to go and ask. After all, she is now gone from his life forever. Adam says that the last wave for her is sign of Jacqueline will not be coming back in his life again. Somehow, he told a stranger this story and the stranger cursed him that he will get a better girl than Jacqueline in 6 months. Approaching the 5th month, Adam had finally met a girl. After 4 years, Adam get married with that girl and lived happily much more than ever.

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