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New year is approaching in matter of hours and im sitting infront of my lappy thinking wad 2 do. So i thought of blogging about anything. so i found out that one of easiest topic to be written is love. well,, love is not an alien word for almost everyone. love can exist in anyone, regardless of age. but, there is certain extent of limitation for all de loves. loves can blossoms on anything, whether it has life or not. for example, babies - loves mummy, pacifier, thumbs...

but, love as we grow older becomes more bigger and greater as the mind teach to do more. teenager is one of the time period where love sparks in them. "puppy love" or affection is juz a form of love that can be found. as the teenager grow, they gain maturity to differentiate between affection and love. affection can come on any1 but not love. love will come only on 1 person, and if its more it nothing but juz lust.

love is one of the beautiful thing god has gifted human. only humans and animals are given those instinct to feel it and cherish de moment. but, nowadays people are taking for granted those gifts. they take chances to cheat on people by the name of love. it is not love but lust. the greediness to obtain the feeling and make sum1 so much into it before leaving them helplessly. such a person will not be realising how they had miss the great chance to get a pure love.

actually i dunno wad im crapping here...simply wanted to write sumthing...so this shall be the last post of 2010. so c u guys in next year and i promise u will c more post from me.. going of to bed now...chao

~ merpati KL ~


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