Have Indians Labour Progress??

We often came across this statement where many are saying that the indian society have progress tremendously. I am not denying that.A normal indian worker now earn RM 2000 compared to RM 150 when they first cane to Malaysia back 200 years ago.Our forefathers came as labourers and they worked so hard to earn as much money as they can to live comfortably in this world.But, i am saying that this situation have never changed. This is because our forefathers came as labourers and we are still labourers.People might tell that we have so many business man that are th richest man Malaysia ( Tan Sri Anandha Krishnan,Mr.Tony Fernandes,Mr.Edmund Santhara ).But to the fact that they are the only one who is having money. What about the rest of the 1.9 milion people in malaysia? Look at the estates now. HAve the people there lived wealthy?Have their money status gone up?The people there arestill getting the RM 300 wage from the day British left Malysia.Their wage never gone up.They are living a critical life where they dont get help from anyone.But we living in a town are spending our money wastefully, even though we earn the money woth our hard work.You might tell that it is my money, you cant tell what am i supposed to do. But if just think of our brothers and sisters living in estates who need our help, you will be blessed for doing good.Never forget that what you gain earth will not follow after your death.As a helping community we are let us help our brothers and sisters who are still suffering.


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